My unique method is for everyone who wants to start speaking English immediately.
I can teach you on my highly effective, interactive and intensive training and webinars, individual online lessons and private consultations! 

From the very first minute (even second) of your immersion into the language you will: 

  • participate in the diverse, creative, fascinating practice  of speaking and comprehension; 

  • master a large number of words and grammatical structures; 

  • train your memory and attention; 

  • learn life hacks of polyglots and so on. 

Stop learning English!
It’s time to start speaking! 

About me

Natalia Tomilina


  — Author of Highly Effective Education  

  — Experienced teacher and tutor. Interpreter. Laureate of the competitions "The Teacher of the Year", member of the jury.
  — Author of articles, now I'm writing a book about 120 effective ways to practice the language.

  — Founder and head of my own school of foreign languages. Entrepreneur.  

  — More than 25 years of teaching in public and private educational institutions. The distance learning experience in Russia and abroad - 6 years.   

  — Certified specialist in preparing for international exams. Cambridge TKT certificate.   

  — Studies, training, and internship in France and the USA. I study 8 languages, polyglot techniques  

  — A passionate fan of teaching and learning foreign languages and using innovative intensive methods   

  — Author of exclusive programs, training, project activities, presentations, and webinars.   

  — Speaker of the TEDx conference.   

  — Education: Pedagogical University - Faculty of Foreign Languages (English and French), Humanitarian University – Faculty of Law and MBA – Human Resources. 


1. Is it possible to learn English at the end of one training?  

It’s more than possible to “boost your English”. People who come to my online or offline training have already learned the language. And by the end of such immersive class, they recall what they had studied earlier, activate their knowledge and start speaking fluently on various topics using my effective approaches and methods.  

2. At what age can children come to the training?

There are special pieces of training created for children of 10-12 years old and for teenagers. All the topics are based on their language level, their goals, and their interests. Vivid and exciting speaking training will bring a lot of benefit and pleasure.  

3. My mom is already 55 years old. Is it too late to learn English, isn’t it? 

Not at all.  Students of different ages (one of them was 76) asked me for help in studying English. Even after 2-3 lessons, they begin to speak much more confidently. The main point is your desire and motivation. The result will not keep you waiting long! :)  

4. I need Business English (Exam Preparation or English for Travelling). Are there any trainings helping me achieve my goals?  

Yes, yes and yes! Intensives courses are developed for the most relevant topics: Speaking English, Preparation for international exams, Business English and English for travelers.


Natalia Tomilina

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